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There are lots of dogs in underserved areas where owners need help,” she said. “We work right on the spot to improve the life of the dog.” Although volunteers and donations came slowly at first, both have increased since Gordy & Friends became a nonprofit in 2015. “It was a lot of hard work, but it was definitely worth it,” said Walsh. “More groups are sending us food, dog supplies and dog toys. We have great volunteers and supporters who are very good to us.”

Gordy & Friends appreciate the support as they are tackling a very big issue. “People do not know that in New York State, with some exceptions, it is not illegal to leave your dog chained up outside constantly,” explained Walsh. Therefore, she pointed out, calling the authorities usually does not change things for the dog, so that’s why we help instead of calling others to get involved.
“Gordy & Friends is there non-judgmentally, not to call the authorities, but to change life for the dog,” said Walsh. “We would like to see someone go from having a dog that was an outside dog to having a dog that is now living inside as a member of the family. We would love to put ourselves out of business!”

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like that will happen anytime soon. “It doesn’t happen overnight, but we are dedicated to the dogs,” shared Walsh. “We help with spaying and neutering and vet care. We help by walking these dogs with permission, of course. We are hoping to model and be a positive example.”
Gordy & Friends also cares about pet owners. “We are not just kind to dogs but people, too, whether this means helping out once or regularly,” said Walsh. “We are working toward a social revolution, closing the gap between what is legal and what is best for the dog.”

The disconnect often comes from personal experiences. “If you were raising chickens in you inside to live in your house with you, you might think that is ridiculous. Sometimes, owners of a dog that has always lived outside and who grew up with their dogs living outside feels the same way.”

Still, Gordy & Friends plans to continue helping wherever they can. “We see dogs in all states of need, but one of the saddest things is a lonely dog; it’s heartbreaking,” stated Walsh. “We are out there just trying to help. Many times, people are very open and happy to accept our help, and we are very thankful. We want to uplift, help and be positive.”



CHECK OUT the article recently published on the Genesee Valley Penny Saver.

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